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Our Terroirs

Our vineyards are located east of Calaceite (Matarraña) and south-east of Batea (Terra Alta). The vineyards are located at a height between 300 and 350 m above sea level, being that of Batea one of the highest estates in the municipality of Batea. The plots are completely protected by the forest that limits them.


We have rather simple soils in terms of organic matter and with an average texture of 38.50% sand, 22% clay and 39.50% silt. The soil is of the "Honeycomb" type.

We also have a low rainfall, a scant 500 liters per year, which together with the fact that we do not use irrigation systems is a bit fair, but, on the other hand, it makes us have moderate vigor and low relative humidity, very good for the state. phytosanitary of the vines.

On the other hand, we have a rather continental climate, with good contrasts in both temperature, humidity and wind, which help us to finish the vegetative cycle of the plants correctly and without problems.


It is for this and for not dispensing with agricultural machinery, that

We work with the help of plant covers (native and not seeded) in the streets together with natural mulches under the vines.

We work the vine manually according to the different lunar and sidereal cycles. Some work is done on biodynamics.


We harvest manually at night in small boxes to preserve the fruit with the cold of the night for its correct vinification later in the winery. Thanks to the work in the field, the harvests are usually ripe and healthy and allow clean elaborations, without the need to add anything to the musts to obtain good and unique wines.


Calaceite (Matarraña)





Batea (Terra Alta)

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